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How do you pick the best photographer for your food? Hmmm just invite a few to sample your food and see who best captures what you are trying to create. We invited them to see how they would capture our food after trying it out. We let them play around with the food and the dishes, and in the end we chose one based on her organic & authentic feel. See what you think.

Photographers Lunch Session

We decided we liked a more organic and real approach, since at the time I wasn't a blogger, I just wanted to give my followers and potential clients and idea of what we create. It was a no brainer we decided to use the photos from Katie Musgrave although she focuses on travel & wedding photography, we loved her style and how she captured the colours of our food and above all how natural she was.

I had just got these dishes flown over from my apartment in NYC , and it was like being reunited with a long lost pal.

dips you see are our staple which are also our most requested ones. Booraniyeh Esfenaj & Zhug. Why not check out therecipes

Smoked Salmon with chermoula,(mint, dill, garlic, lemon marinade) served with chargrilled asparagus.

Green & red heirloom tomatoes with feta, cucumber, beetroot & red onions

Presentation is everything to us. We look at the odour of the dishes we are creating and try and match this with the best visual food setting.

We use herbs a lot but we love this picture a lot

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