Muhammara - Roasted butternut squash dip with tahini - This dip is so easy to make and way better than houmous. Its not that I don't like houmous I love it, it's just that its nice to create something that will wow your friends right. I love the colour of this dip and it's a crowd pleaser. I serve this with baked pitta chips.

​Muhammara - Roasted butternut squash dip with tahini

Roasted Butternut Squash Dip

Cut 1 butternut squash into large chunks

peel the skin & cut into cubes

steam butternut squash until soft - peirce a

peel 3 cloves garlic

blittz steamed butternut & garlic in a blender until smooth

stir in 2 tablespoon tahini

juice of 1 lemon

add 1 teaspoon of sumac

To serve: Put in a dish, drizzle argan oil or olive oil and sprinkle some more sumac, best eaten with lavash bread or baked

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