We call it Royal, as we cook this at least twice a week for our favourite King. No measurements, just a swirl of garlic, lemon & essential spices and you are well on your way to impress.

Royal Roast Chicken


5 min 45 - 60 min 50 - 65 min


    • · baby chicken or medium size chicken, whole with skin
    • · glugs of good cooking Olive oil
    • · garlic – I add 1 bulb cut horizontally
    • · garlic minced – around half a garlic
    • · lemon – half a juice, the other half sliced
    • · sea salt to taste, remember you only need a little
    • · pomegranate molasses –a glug
    • · spices – pinch of coriander, cumin & smoked paprika

    • HOW TO COOK IT :
        • · First put some great music one, a happy cook will make a great dish
        • · Now put all the ingredients in a roasting dish except for the chicken and mix well
        • · Place the sliced lemon & halved garlic on the bottom and rub into the mixture
        • · Add the chicken and coat well & pour another glug off olive oil
        • · Roast this in the oven on high heat for another 20 minutes
        • · Add a few glugs of boiling water and cover with foil
        • · Continue to cook for another 20-25 minutes
        • · How do you know it’s cooked? The juices should run clear & the meat should be firm and not jiggly

SERVE WITH : A green salad, roasted potatoes, Greek yoghurt with herbs or with wild rice.

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