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We hold this event every year to celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan with friends from every community. This year we had Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and even those who didn't belong to any particular faith. Regardless of race, colour & religion this is an opportunity for guests to get an insight to how we break out fast & of course enjoy a meal with us.

Arabeseque iftar - Ramadan feast after sunset

This year The Hampstead Kitchen collaborated with The Big Iftar. This is a national initiative, promoting neighbourliness, strengthening of community relations and sharing.It encourages mosques, community centres, places of worship, to come together and share iftar during Ramadan, by inviting friends and neighbours from different faiths and ethnicities.

During Ramadan, Muslims pay special attention to their charity giving and helping others. More effort is made to renew intentions to give more time and money throughout the coming year than in the previous year. Working with the vulnerable and needy is a core part of the Islamic faith and in Ramadan this emphasis is even greater.

Living in Britain, Muslims are encouraged to reach out, to build bridges and to work with colleagues and neighbours around them who are not Muslim, to share their faith and build on their shared values

Iftar is the meal eaten by muslims after sunset during the month of Ramadan. As we are in the summer month the fast breaks around 9:20pm

Our Iftar Menu

  • Fresh fruits & Dates to start with Pomegranate & Rose Cocktails

  • Mixed Mezze

  • Moukloubi - Upside down lamb & angering rice dish

  • Dessert
  • Our signature Kunafah with shredded Kaidafi pastry filled with orange blossom infused mascarpone cheese, baked and topped with pistachio & rose petals

Followed by Arabic Coffee & Majedool dates

This was not a ticketed event, since this was the month for charity (Zakat), we asked each guest to make a small donation with all the proceeds going to

The PennyAppeal . We raised a staggering £1.2K which mean't we feed 1200 children for every day during the 30 days of ramadan.

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