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This started as a joke between friends but now has been in full swing for the past 5 years. We celebrate all the classic food from the Punjabi region from Lahore to Delhi. We also create a punjabi playlist and get the party started in style. Note if you are thinking of coming next year stretchy pants are a must. Check out our menu & pics from this year.

​Punjabi Social - A celebration of Punjabi street food & music

The Punjabi Social has been in swing for 4 years well before The Hampstead Kitchen even was born.

It started out as a few friends getting together to enjoy a great night with a punjabi theme, punjabi food, music and dressing up in punjabi clothes.

The other reason we started this was for me to learn how to cook some of the food my parents both served at typical special family gatherings.

I feel it is important to learn some of these dishes so we can carry on the Punjabi food legacy as it will be lost as each generation passes.

This happens every year around March, there is always tons of food, punjabi dance lessons in how to strut yourself, twitting light bulbs, patting the doggies. We will get you so drunk on our mango lassi you won’t need any alcohol.

Our Menu

Welcome Drink

Mango Lassi or Salted Lassi

Street Snacks

Pani Poori (v)

Puffed round flour balls filled with spiced chick peas,

tamarind chutney & spiced coriander water

Shami Kebabs

Ground Lamb & lentil spiced patties served

with mint & chilli chutney

Main event

Achari Gosht

Lamb with intense mixed pickle masala

Karahi Chicken

Chicken cooked in a karahi (wok) with fresh ginger, garlic, spices

Sarson Ka Saag (v)

Fresh Baby spinach with butter & cream

Tarka Daal (v)

Lentils with delicate spices with hilli & Coriander

Chawal with Chole

Beautiful infused rice with spiced chick peas

Tandoori Roti

Fresh Tandoor Rotis



Rice & Milk pudding with pistachios & roses


Daam wali Chai

strong Dhaba tea with cardamons

Dress Code : Ethnic, stretchy pants are advisable, best outfit will get a special treat, so put on your best gear.

Pictures from our last year Punjabi Social

Thats me the head chef & founder of The Hampstead Kitchen rocking a turban

Feast prepared at last years Punjabi Social

Our killer saag, dont even ask us how much butter & cream went into this, doesn’t matter it tasted so good.

I learnt this mint, chilli chutney from my father, he has his own social recipe, that has brown sugar, garlic and a little plum tomato. I like it neat, but usually you can mix this with yogurt to tame this beauty down.

Streetfood Starters - Shami Kebab - Lentil & lamb pattis served with mint, chilli chutney. Gol guppas- puffed flour balls , filled with spiced chick peas and spiced water, also called panipuris

Firni- Ground Rice, milk, cream & sugar pudding, with silver leaf paper, pistachios & rose petals, this was my mothers recipe as she used to make this each time we had a special family gathering.

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